Liturgical Ministries

In all things may God be glorified!

The Book of Common Prayer states, “At all celebrations of the Liturgy, it is fitting that the principle celebrant, whether bishop or priest, be assisted by other priests, and by deacons and lay persons.”  (BCP 322 & 354)

The sacrificial ministry of the Altar, and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, is the primary service of the Church to Almighty God.  Those that celebrate and assist must approach their ministry with dignity, humility, and care.

Areas within the Liturgy that involve lay participation are:

  • Reading from the Bible at Mass
  • The Prayers of the People
  • Acolyte
  • Altar Guild
  • Chalice-bearer
  • Choir
  • Usher

All of these areas require training and a sense of calling.  Please speak with Fr. Klein for further information.

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“We’d like to thank you, Mr. Potts! We’d like to thank you for all that you’ve done!” 🎶🥰 Alan Potts ... See MoreSee Less
Today was a wonderful day celebrating the nearly two decades of faithful service from Alan Potts, our beloved organist and choirmaster. Diane made a lovely poster with pictures throughout his time serving at St. John’s. His name was also added to the plaque honoring former organists (the first of which began in 1929!) Many of his family members were able to attend and the children’s choir did a precious performance in his honor.We love you, Mr. Potts! 🎶 ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

St. John's Church, Fort Worth
This recurring event is for our weekly live streamed Sunday morning Mass, as well as occasional Masses and other services on different days and times, from Saint John's Church in Fort Worth, TX. The Sunday live streamed Mass begins at 11:15 AM CDT, and our live stream will typically begin a few minutes earlier, but sometimes we experience delays.We stream primarily to Vimeo, using this exact address: streams also go to our public Facebook page, at St. John's Church, Fort WorthYou can find archived videos of previous live streams on our Vimeo channel: ... See MoreSee Less

Worship Schedule

Sunday Morning
8:00 am  Holy Eucharist, 1928 BCP
9:00 am  Holy Eucharist, 2019 BCP
11:15 am  Holy Eucharist, 2019 & 1928 BCP
This service is live-streamed every Sunday.

Saturday Afternoon Vigil Mass
6:00 pm  Holy Eucharist, 1928 BCP

Wednesday Morning Mass
7:30 am  Holy Eucharist, 1928 BCP


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