The Holy Eucharist – Part Ten

The Communion of the people and completion of the service. After the Prayer of Consecration is completed and the Great AMEN is proclaimed the faithful pray the Lord’s Prayer and prepare to come to the Altar rail for holy Communion.  The breaking of the consecrated bread takes place as the final prelude to the reception […]

Holy Eucharist – Part Five

The Prayers of the People of God. After the reading of Holy Scripture and the sermon and Creed are completed we enter into prayer.  We pray for the ministry of the Church world-wide, for her members and mission.  We pray for our nation, our government, and the local concerns of Fort Worth, Texas where we […]

Holy Eucharist – Part Four

God’s Word Proclaimed! After the choir and ministers are in place we exchange the ancient greeting “The Lord be with you.” This is done with the whole congregation and begins the central portion of the liturgy of the Word of God and introduces the Collect of the day. The word “collect” comes from the Latin […]

The Holy Eucharist – Part Two

Those who visit St. John’s on a Sunday morning discover that our worship is provided from the Book of Common Prayer.  Much of the liturgies it contains can be traced back at least to the middle of the second century AD.  With regard to the Mass there are two interrelated parts that make up the […]

Who is a disciple of Jesus Christ?

The word disciple in the Greek New Testament appears 27 times.  The word means to be a “pupil” or a “student”.  Jesus Christ is the headmaster and the disciple is His student.  The goal of a student is to learn well enough from their teacher that in time they become like him; someone capable of teaching others.  Jesus expects His disciples to […]