Stewardship. Is it a season or a way of life?

Stewardship.  Is it a season or a way of life? In the church we all know about the “stewardship season” which coincides with pledge drives to produce the parish annual budget.  This “season of the parish” happens once a year with the focus to raise money to run ministries, pay salaries and bills. But the […]

Three Important Words

There are three important words that a person needs to understand if they want to have a correct understanding of the Christian faith. These words are revelation, faith, and reason.  Lets look briefly at each one. Revelation. The first important word is revelation.  Christianity is a living breathing relationship with the living God who reveals Himself […]

The Penultimate

From “I Want to Live These Days With You“, a book of Daily Devotions from Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Translated by O. C. Dean Jr. The thrust of the Christian message is not for us to become like one of those biblical figures, but to be like Christ himself. This comes , however not through some kind […]