First Maccabees: Living the faith among a hostile culture.

The Wednesday evening Bible Study is about to complete the book of Nehemiah.  Our next book of study will be First Maccabees.  Join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm. Background on First Maccabees and the Deuterocanonical books. The Old Testament was composed between 1000 and 100 BC.  It is organized in four parts: The […]

Letter to the Hebrews

Join Fr. Bill Estes in a study of the Letter to the Hebrews.  The class meets on Sunday mornings around 10:15 am.  Grab a cup of coffee and join in.

Book of Revelation

Join Fr. Tom Powell on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am for a great and detailed study of the Book of Revelation.

Ezra and Nehemiah

Join Fr. David Klein on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm as we continue our study of the key people, places and events in Holy Scripture that outline God’s story of salvation history.  We are currently studying the Old Testament books of Ezra and Nehemiah.   Bring your Bible and join us!