St. John’s has fourteen Westminster Chime Bells originally cast from bronze and silver in Holland. The Bells were a project funded by Lionel and Emma Bevan in 1965 and each bell is inscribed and dedicated to members of the Bevan family and to St. John’s Church.

Throughout the years the Bells have provided a beautiful sound to church services, weddings, occasions and enjoyed by those attending St. John’s and our Ryan Place neighbors.

The Bells were originally designed with solenoid strikers that have worn out over time and have been replaced once. However, the original striker units are no longer repairable so St. John’s has engaged The Verdin Company to fabricate fourteen new digital striker units. The new strikers will provide not only superior protection against wear and corrosion but enjoyment for years to come.

Another enhancement will be the addition of a state-of-the-art digital Carillon Master Control System which will be prepackaged 1,000 selections including a wide range of bells, peals and tolls and carillon bell music (songs, hymns and carols) as well as religious music, seasonal and patriotic selections.

The fabrication process and installation should take four to six months and total cost of the project is $61.545.00.

If you have an interest in assisting St. John’s with the funding of the Bells Project, we would greatly appreciate it. You can contribute by check (please note on your check Bells) or contribute online here and then select Bells from the drop-down menu.