ConfessionThe Sacrament of Confession

Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained. (John 20:23)

The sacrament of Confession is a sacrament of healing because it reconciles us with God through His merciful love and forgiveness of our sin. This is declared in the liturgy: “Now there is rejoicing in Heaven: for you were lost, and are found; you were dead, and are now alive in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (BCP 451)

This sacrament of Confession follows many needed steps in repairing our Christians life. It reinforces conversion and allows us to be honest before God and seek reconciliation with Him. It reinforces penance acknowledging that we can live a Gospel life if we have the moral courage to do so and seek God’s grace in this sacrament and in Mass to help us.

When we are contrite about our life-choices and the situations we can easy get tangled up in we discover a freedom that separates us from evil so we can live as a child of God. This sacrament strengthens our determination to live by God’s standards, blessed by grace and strengthened by the determination of our will. This sacrament is called confession because that is what we do; we open our soul to God disclosing to Him our sins as we sit before His priest. It is the sacrament of forgiveness and absolution because if we are earnest about amending our ways and we do everything we can to remove ourself from temptation to sin our soul is cleansed and our relationship with God is fully healed and restored.

Confession can be heard at any time.  Contact the Rector.


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