Merry Christmas from Fr. Klein

Christmas is only a few days away. We had a chance to sit down with Fr. Klein and ask him about his favorite memories and traditions about Christmas time. Take a look and share yours with us in the comments!

Q: If you could spend your Christmas and Holidays anywhere where would you go?
A: Right here in Fort Worth with the people of St. John’s and our daughter and son in law is just perfect!

Q: What is your favorite part of Christmas?
A: Holy Communion at the Mid-Night Mass and making memories with our daughter Sara.

Q: Share your favorite Christmas scripture or song with us:
A: My favorite scripture for Christmas is Luke 1:28, “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you!” This greeting by the archangel Gabriel to Mary is prior to the Holy Spirit overshadowing Mary and her “fiat” or “Yes: which we understand as the time she conceived Jesus in her womb. In this passage of Luke Mary herself is acknowledged by divine authority to be a woman already “full of grace.” This is a beautiful scriptural affirmation of Mary being conceived in her mother, Hannah’s womb without any stain or effect of original sin. This singular gift of grace given to Mary from God is her “immaculate conception.”

Q: What handmade present would you give to a loved one?
A: I would love to have time to throw or build ceramic pots and other things, glaze them and paint them up really lovely for family and friends!

Q: What was your favorite childhood Christmas memory?
A: A favorite is throwing tinsel on the Christmas tree as the final “crescendo” to make the tree perfect and lovely!


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