Liturgical Ministries

In all things may God be glorified! 

The Book of Common Prayer states, “At all celebrations of the Liturgy, it is fitting that the principle celebrant, whether bishop or priest, be assisted by other priests, and by deacons and lay persons.”  (BCP 322 & 354)

The sacrificial ministry of the Altar, and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, is the primary service of the Church to Almighty God.  Those that celebrate and assist must approach their ministry with dignity, humility, and care.

Areas within the Liturgy that involve lay participation are:

  • Acolyte. An acolyte can be either youth or adults. Among the duties of acolytes are lighting and extinguishing the candles, serving as torch bearers, and serving as the crucifer. They are involved in the Procession into the sanctuary at the beginning of the service. They are involved in processing the Gospel out into the middle of the assembly so it may be proclaimed by a priest or deacon. They help to take up the alms. They serve the priest in preparing the Altar for Holy Communion and in doing the ablutions after everyone has received the blessed sacrament. Another common term today is ‘server’ or ‘altar server.’ There is training involved.
  • Altar Guild. The Altar Guild at St. John’s was established by Fr. Ira Day, the first rector in 1925. It has been known as the “Guild of St Mary’s” since that time. The Altar Guild takes care of all the sacred vessels and linens and vestments. They prepare the Altar for the services and clean up afterwards.
  • Chalice-bearer. Sometimes referred to as ‘lay eucharistic ministers’, chalice-bearers assist the priest in serving Holy Communion to the faithful by serving the chalice with the Precious Blood. There is training involved.
  • Choir. At St John’s we have a children’s choir, bell choir, and two sanctuary choirs, one serving at the 9:00 am and the other serves at 11:15 am. Our choirs are established through-out Fort Worth. They play a key role in assisting in our worship.
  • The Prayers of the People. A key component to our worship is the prayers of the faithful. A lay person leads the congregation in bringing before God in prayer the needs of the world, our country, local community, and individual needs.
  • Ushers. The ushers function as greeters, assist people in receiving a Sunday Bulletin, help folks find a seat if needed, and they help people come forward for Holy Communion.

All of these areas require training and a sense of calling.

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9 hours ago

St. John's Church, Fort Worth
This recurring event is for our weekly live streamed Sunday morning Mass, as well as occasional Masses and other services on different days and times, from Saint John's Church in Fort Worth, TX. The Sunday live streamed Mass begins at 11:15 AM CDT, and our live stream will typically begin a few minutes earlier, but sometimes we experience delays.We stream primarily to Vimeo, using this exact address: streams also go to our public Facebook page, at St. John's Church, Fort WorthYou can find archived videos of previous live streams on our Vimeo channel: ... See MoreSee Less
Praise be to God for providing a warm day yesterday and a West wind to accompany it!The Chapel ramp is now de-iced and ready for use - the stairs leading to the chapel entrance on Page St. are not open.The church is at about 50 degrees, which is better than it was, but still encourages warm clothing.Blessings,Richard+ ... See MoreSee Less
Dearest Saints of St. John's,The good news is that our plumbers worked this week on the replacement of the 70-year-old gas line that runs beside Gregory Hall and into the Stringer Garden - they dug the trench for the new pipe.We all know what happened on Tuesday-Thursday. Today they came out and did some more work, but they are by no means complete.Maybe next week. Pray that the weather is good and that we can get the installation done and inspection scheduled quickly.So, this Sunday, we will definitely not have heat again - dress warmly.Also, because of the sleet, the Chapel Entrance and the Gregory Hall Entrance are not usable. They are on the North side of the building and are in the shade all day long. And, the plumbers have blocked off the Gregory Hall Entrance because of their work.Fr. Foster's Church History Class will begin this Sunday in the Guild Parlor during the Sunday School Hour.The kids may have their Sunday School in The Children's Chapel as it is the only classroom in the building that is not heated by a gas furnace.I look forward to seeing you as I have recovered from my illness.God bless you for your faithfulness,Richard+ ... See MoreSee Less

Worship Schedule

Sunday Morning
8:00 am  Holy Eucharist, 1928 BCP
9:00 am  Holy Eucharist, 2019 BCP
11:15 am  Holy Eucharist, 2019 & 1928 BCP
This service is live-streamed every Sunday.

Saturday Afternoon Vigil Mass
6:00 pm  Holy Eucharist, 1928 BCP

Wednesday Morning Mass
7:30 am  Holy Eucharist, 1928 BCP


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