Growing the “Anglican way.”

The people of St. John’s are dedicated to Jesus Christ and to His Church. Looking at Sunday morning alone and what is involved in orchestrating three services on Sunday morning, from altar guild, choirs, readers, coffee hour in-between, Sunday school, adult formation, and vestry coverage and so much more, we easily have over 65 people committed weekly to responsibilities and schedules that make everything come together and work so smoothly.

Looking beyond Sundays the list goes on. Hours of office work generate material and scheduling that supports our ministry. Leadership in ministry areas work through plans, clean and set up, they organize, rehearse and practice instruments, and assemble people. Those who teach our children and provide adult formation devote hours weekly to prayer, study, sometimes even building materials, and working through lessons. All of this is done so we may open our doors and greet the people God sends our way. This happens every week of the year.

The fruit of this weekly labor is producing at St. John’s the “Anglican way.” That is, God is worshiped and loved, and His people are fed with His Word and Sacraments. Space is made for anyone to find a quiet place for prayer and communion with God. The historic truths of the Christian faith are preached and celebrated. God’s love and assurance is made manifest in a community spirit.

The conduct of liturgy at St. John’s is based on a simplicity that is true historic Anglican catholic worship. Simplicity is not blandness, casualness, or negligence. Simplicity affords concentration that allows our worship to focus on the themes provided by scripture, music, prayer, and receiving Christ at the Altar. Our worship has two integrated components: Word and Sacrament. We proclaim the Word of God (the Bible) and receive in Holy Communion the Word of God (Jesus).

The bottom line is that God is everyday at work in what we do. In fact, He is always doing more in our midst then we can ask or imagine. The Holy Spirit has given us the gift of faith, and we count it a blessing at St. John’s to be Christ’s servants to make a broken world whole.

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Worship Schedule

Sunday Morning
8:00 am  Holy Eucharist, 1928 BCP
11:15 am Holy Eucharist, 2019 & 1928 BCP. This service is live-streamed every Sunday.

Saturday Afternoon Vigil Mass
6:00 pm.  Holy Eucharist

Wednesday Morning Mass
7:30 am.  Holy Eucharist

During the pandemic our worship hours may very.


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