Blessing of the Bells, Sunday May 3, at 9:00 Service …   In March of this year, St. John’s received a gift of two octaves of Malmark handbells to augment the three octaves already in use for many years.   The bass octave adds great depth to the sound of the ensemble while an additional octave of quiet treble bells allows the tone to soar.   We are very thankful for the gifts and memorials that have allowed us to expand the realm of musical offerings at St. John’s Church.  The new bells will be blessed by Father Klein at the 9:00 service, this Sunday, May 3.

Emergency Preparedness Program, Sat, May 12th … Those who were unable to attend in March, you can still sign up for our May 12th  Emergency Preparedness program.   Call the parish office at 817-927-5341 or email to register.  Meets from 10am—3pm. Lunch provided (donation basket available). Reservations are required for lunch and childcare. Childcare will be provided on request only—deadline to request is Wed, May 9th.  Program is open to all members, but vestry, ushers, altar servers, nursery workers and catechists are especially encouraged to attend.

DHC/DOK Meeting Moved to May 20th … The May meeting of St. John’s Daughters has been moved to the third Sunday, May 20th to avoid Mothers’ Day.  Bring a sack lunch and meet at 12:45 pm in the Guild Parlor. This will be the last meeting till the fall.  For more info contact Dorothy Gregory.