Lambeth Conference-1948
As you head to Mitchell Hall, you may notice a new framed black and white picture on the wall. This is a picture of the Anglican Bishops gathered for the 1948 Lambeth Conference. The 1948 Lambeth Conference opened at Lambeth Palace in England, with 314 bishops, 14 archbishops, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey Fisher, in attendance. Together, they represented some 20,000,000 Anglicans world-wide. This was the first Conference since 1930, being disrupted by World War II.
This Conference produced teaching on the Christian doctrine of man, human rights, the Church and war, Communism, Education, the Christian way of life, Church unity, Holy Matrimony, Baptism and Confirmation, and more. This photograph reminds us of the beauty and the gift that is the Anglican way of life.
Lambeth Palace has been the official London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury since 1200 AD. The Lambeth Conference, until most recently, has met every 10 years. The first Conference was held in 1867. Bishops from around the Anglican Communion are invited to attend by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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