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bible appI like to take my iPad with me to Bible Study and so I’m frequently looking for a better Bible app or note taking app to use in class and at home. I’ve probably tried a half dozen different Bible apps on my iPad (all free versions) and recently found the app.

I downloaded it and after one class, deleted all the others. This is a really nice Bible app and loaded with features including dramatized audio so you can actually hear the verse in a nice-sounding voice. This is especially nice when you’re in the Old Testament and want to know how that person’s name is really pronounced. By the way, if you’re someone who reads the Lessons during church service, I highly recommend listening to your verses before you stand before the congregation for your reading. has been translated into over 600 languages and recently added video to the app with scenes from the Jesus Project. is a free app and was created by the Audio Bible ministry Faith Comes By Hearing and it continues to grow into a powerful missionary tool, capable of providing access to God’s Word in the heart languages of over two-thirds of the world’s population. The app has now been downloaded over 1,000,000 times and received over 25,000 5 Star Ratings on iTunes.


One feature I really like is Syncing. The latest update has made it super simple for you to create bookmarks, make highlights, and take notes on any verse in the Bible – from any computer. Plus, whether you’re using a new Android tablet, the latest iOS device, or a speedy web browser on your home or work computer, your important thoughts and reflections on the Bible stay with you. Just think of it as syncing your way to a better Bible experience.

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