Welcome to St. John's Church

St. John’s is open for worship and we welcome you to visit with us in person or via live stream.

In-Person Worship

All four Sunday services are the Holy Eucharist. Saturday Vigil 6:00 pm (1928 BCP), Sunday 8:00 am (1928 BCP) 9:00 am (2019 BCP) and 11:15 am (2019 BCP Traditional Rite). Click Here for Days & Times

Online Worship

We now livestream our 11:15 A.M. services. We go online about three minutes before Mass begins. Click Here for Livestream Service

Recorded Worship Services & Bible Studies

We record our livestream Sunday Worship 11:15 AM Worship Service and Bible Studies. Click the links to access Recorded Services, Wednesday Bible Study, Sunday Bible Study.

Weekly Bulletins and Parish News

The weekly bulletin is an integral part of the worship service and provides both members and guests a guide to the liturgy of the worship service along with the music and prayers. It also serves to inform the membership of the ongoing and future events and outreach work of St. John’s Church.


Pentecost originally meant the entire 50 day period from Pascha (Easter morning) to the feast of Pentecost. It was celebrated as one great “day” of rejoicing, an extended “Lord’s Day”. Traditionally there would be no fasting or kneeling during the 50 days. This was to help keep the focus on the resurrection of Christ. 

Easter Day was considered by the patristic church to be both the first and the eighth day, the beginning of the week and its eschatological end. This same idea is applied to every Sunday of the year. 

Eastertide is the great 50 days. The Feast of the Ascension of our Lord is 40 days from Easter morning. This year it is May 26.

Wednesday morning Bible Study - The Prophet Isaiah

Fr. Klein is leading a study on prophets of the Old Testament on Wednesdays from 9:30 – 10:30 AM.  Currently, we are working through the Prophet Isaiah. Please join us!

The Right Rev. Ryan Reed will visit May 29th.

Bishop Reed will make his annual visitation, preach, celebrate the Holy Eucharist and administer confirmation on Sunday, May 29th. On that Sunday we will combine our service schedule to 8:00 am and 10:00 am. The Bishop will be with us at 10:00 am. A reception will follow. Be sure to be with us.

Capital Projects

The Vestry has recently approved two projects: the Bells Project and the Technology Project. Another Project: the Stained Glass Windows Project is under final consideration.
We would appreciate your consideration in the funding of any of these projects, as we believe each of these Projects is vital to the ongoing growth and impact of St. John’s to our congregation and the local and extended communities we serve.

Bells Project: Total cost is $61,545. We have already received contributions exceeding $40,000 for this Project. Find out more about the Bells Project here.

Technology Project: Total cost is $7,500. Find out more about the Technology Project here.
Stained Glass Windows Project: Total cost is $91,292. Find out more about the Stained Glass Windows Project here.

Our Mission

The mission of St. John’s is to grow in Christ. We believe that being a Christian is committing oneself to a certain way of life. Our mission is to invite people to participate in the fullness of this life by opening new doors of entry into the church and teaching people what it means to be disciples of Jesus. Our videos have been developed to give you a good sense of how we worship, what we believe about God and His church, about being a Christian in today’s culture, what the Bible says, the life of grace, our parish life, and so much more. Enjoy, and may God richly bless you.

Anglican Faith
The Bible and Believing
Grace & the Great Commission
Worship at St. John's
Parish Life
Children's Ministry

Worship Services

During this time, we are worshiping online and in person.

We have returned to a full service schedule, however the PANDEMIC has caused us to take different approaches to some of our ministries with some ministries currently suspended. Our youth work is returning. Our COVID Policies are listed in the back portion of our Weekly Bulletin.

We worship using the 1928 and 2019 Book of Common Prayer and we use the Hymnal 1982 and historic music settings and anthems.

God bless you for being with us this morning either in person or online.

Worship Schedules

Sunday Worship Schedule

8:00 am

9:00 am

11:15 am

Holy Eucharist 1928 Book of Common Prayer

Holy Eucharist 2019 Book of Common Prayer

Holy Eucharist 2019 Book of Common Prayer Traditional Rite

Saturday Worship Schedule

6:00 pm 

Holy Eucharist 1928 Book of Common Prayer

Wednesday Worship Schedule

7:30 am

Holy Eucharist 1928 Book of Common Prayer

News & Events

Find out what is coming up at St. John’s and how you can Get Involved!

Worship and Visitors Guide

This pamphlet originally began with our Eucharistic worship at St John’s and further developed with several additional topics. Each topic reinforces our soul’s need for God. Topics include: Anglican Worship, Fasting, Christian Signs and Symbols, The Holy Eucharist, Holy Baptism, The High Altar, The Christian Way of Life, The Spiritual Life. Download or read online.

Parish Calendar

St. John’s has a vibrant ministry both within our congregation and in our community and our event calendar and weekly bulletin are the best resources to keep up-to-date with the many activities and events we have planned at St. John’s as well as events and information outside of our Parish we believe is important and relevant. 

Support St. John's

St. John’s appreciates your generosity in supporting our ongoing work as well as the various ministries we assist. Your gift in any form is welcome and appreciated. For your convenience we also offer online giving in several easy, secure and safe formats with online transaction records for your referral and accounting reconciliation.