The Garth (Cloistered Garden)

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Garth during Eastertide

The word Garth is derived from the old Scandinavian word for “a yard, or a garden.” Garth’s have been an important part of the Christian landscape for over 1000 years.  Historically, they have been cloistered areas set aside for silence and prayer.

The Garth is the forerunner to the Churchyard or sacred ground for Christian burial. The Garth at St. John’s combine both these historic roles. It’s an habitat for God’s beautiful creatures.  The careful planting cycles celebrate the wonder of God’s Creation.  The Garth is consecrated for the Christian burial of cremains.  The Garth has has a beautiful white marble statue of St. Francis of Assisi.

Burial Policy

There is no charge for the interment of cremated remains.  If the family desires a bronze plaque with the name and dates the cost $150.00 to have made.  The plaque is ordered through the Parish Office.  For more information, or when making your burial arrangements please speak with the Rector. 


  1. constance niclas says:

    Good morning, I am a member of st pauls episcopal in montvale nj, I am currently on a committee for the church to help sustain our current burial garh area which is quite small Any policies or information would be most appreciated, currentlywe do not charge for the interment of cremated remains and we also have a small bronze plaque for 150 to be added to our current one plague. We are in the process of ordering three more large bronze markers to extend the areas.
    That is step one, i have two families who have come forward to make that donation, but the grounds need reworking and it is a monumental task.
    accommodate our four circles.
    We definitely need a policy and procedure manual, if you have something like this, please advise, tks, constance niclas.

    • Fr. David Klein says:

      Dear Constance, thanks for contacting us about the Garth. It sounds like we do about the same. There is no charge for burial. If a plaque is desired that cost must be paid. We charge only the production cost to us which is $150.00. Over the year money and memorials are given for the Garth that we have no problem maintaining it. It’s a great place for quiet in a busy world! Fr. Klein

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