Daughters of Mercy

The Daughters of Mercy are women who belong to the Daughters of the Holy Cross (DHC) and the Daughters of the King.  These women after discernment and careful preparation have committed their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Daughters pray daily for St. John’s, its clergy and leadership, and for the ministry and witness of the wider Church. They maintain an active prayer rota containing the needs of many seeking God’s healing and helping Hand.

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, their community life and prayer are the tools to reach and touch many who do not know the love and healing of Jesus Christ. They wear proudly the Order’s cross.

The Order provides a community in which you can fulfill a lifetime vow to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We hold monthly gatherings on Sunday afternoon as a means to assist each member to earnestly develop and practice their spiritual life. Visitors are welcome to attend the meetings.

On a regular schedule we provide a 12-week Discernment Program to introduce the Daughters (DHC) to inquirers.


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